Arctic Black Carbon (ABC) : Emission, Origin, and Transport Modeling In Arctic Region

The 2015 TFEIP/EIONET meeting included a Workshop, Improving Black Carbon Emission Estimates and Abatement, jointly hosted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Regione Lombardia, ARPA Lombardia, and DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

Presentation outline:
  • Background: climate effects from black carbon
  • Motivation: mitigate warming in the Arctic
  • Black carbon emissions reconstruction for Russia
  • Numerical simulation and evaluation
  • Impact assessment

Using Science to Inform Black Carbon Mitigation Potential

  • October 17-19, 2012
  • Joint U.S. National Academies – Russian Academy of Sciences Workshop on Challenges of Black Carbon
Presented by:
  • Joe Cresko - Engineering Sciences Fellow, DOE, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Elke Hodson – AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, DOE, Office of Policy & International Affairs
  • Mengdawn Cheng, John Storey, Vitaly Prikhodko - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Joshua Fu, Kan Huang - University of Tennessee Knoxville